sábado, 21 de noviembre de 2015


Hi!! My name is Lucy and my friend`s name is Cris.
We are going to talk about different sports every month.

In our first photo we write about football.

We know, football is the most popular sport in the world. There are a lot of teams in the world.

This sport is very funny.
Our brothers play football, and they enjoy it.
(however, the parents more)

When my brother started play football, his idol was Iker Casillas.
And now too.
( I think he´s great, sorry )

You know Cris, true?

But do we know its advantages and disadvantages? If you think about it, it is a sport that involves great pyshical activity, such as resistant when running.

But there are disadvantages.
People play football, and fight. They are very crazy. (very, very crazy)

But that is not all. Play football without having warmed up, it may be a cause of injury.

Hey! We´re not saying that football is dangerous. But is necessary measures are not taken, you may end very badly.

Some people think that football is to go behind a kicking ball. But it´s more than that. Football is a sport that you improve your physical perfomance and strength, while it is a great helper to improve teamwork.

And that´s all Lucy.

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